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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kalogia?

Kalogia is a place where cannabis professionals can find the specialized expertise they need to be successful. As a member of Kalogia, individuals can promote their cannabis professional identity; search exclusively for other canna-professionals by sector and geography; and enhance their knowledge, skills and career.

Who can join Kalogia?

Professionals or aspiring professionals in the cannabis industry, older than 18 years are able to join Kalogia. Refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

How can Kalogia help me?

Kalogia allows you to build and improve your cannabis professional identity. We facilitate connections and provide our members with the necessary tools to stay on the cutting edge of this dynamic industry. With Kalogia you can grow your business, create partnerships or new business ventures, become or find a mentor, and increase your knowledge and skill set.

Is my identity protected?

Protecting our user’s privacy is extremely important to us. All data is hosted in the United States. Only Kalogia members can view your profile and only your connections have full access to your profile. Your Kalogia profile is not linked to search engines.

I live in an area where cannabis is still illegal; can I still be a part of Kalogia?

Anyone in the cannabis industry can join Kalogia to gain knowledge and make connections in the industry. Joining Kalogia will help with cannabis legalization and reform.

How can I contribute to Kalogia?

All users are able to show their portfolio of work on their individual profile page. If you are interested in contributing to our blog to showcase your area of expertise, please contact info@kalogia.com.

How can I list my company on Kalogia?

After logging in, select the Companies menu and then select Add Your Company. You can also promote your company through your individual profile page.

Can I buy or sell cannabis on Kalogia?

No. Buying and selling cannabis on Kalogia is prohibited. We encourage licensed growers and dispensary owners to collaborate and build legal synergies; however, we do not facilitate any transaction.