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2017 Effectiveness Assessment

Do you measure R.O.T? As 2017 is winding down, it’s important to take a self-assessment on your effectiveness as a business leader. When thinking about effectiveness, it is critical to understand the difference between being efficient and effective in terms of your time. Is it a good return on time (R.O.T)? When thinking about R.O.T,  it is important to think in terms of inputs and outputs. ...Read More

Cannabis Round Up – December 15, 2017

There’s been a lot of action on the Cannabis front in these past few weeks, and we wanted to provide our readers with a roundup of the most important events or stories, in case you missed them: Quote of the Day In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential” -World Health Organization On the road to legalization This month, a few states have started ...Read More

5 Tips to getting in the cannabis industry

5 Ways To Get Into The Cannabis Industry Are you curious about the emerging industry of cannabis?   The cannabis industry in the US, is the fastest growing industry in the country. The cannabis industry is projected to be a $22 billion dollar industry by 2021!   1. Understand where you can do legal business Cannabis is regulated by the states and still remains federally illegal. As of December 201...Read More

Setting up your Accounting Records for Success

Accounting…don’t let the word scare you! Accounting is a fundamental precept of business, and with just a bit of up-front planning and on-going maintenance, accounting can actually help you save time and money in your business! One of the most important things to do prior to your monthly accounting, is setting up an effective chart of accounts. A chart of accounts captures the differen...Read More

Cannabis manufacturing licenses in California. Some tips for cannabis infused product makers

Are you looking to operate an edible or infused product business? If you’re looking to operate an edible or manufacturing cannabis business in California, the first thing you’ve got to understand (assuming you have your business plan, strategy, etc.) is what license you will be applying for. If you are looking to extract oil, make edibles, or just perform packaging services, you will b...Read More

Cannabis Beach Clean up- Join us!

  Join Kalogia, Althea.Solutions and the Los Angeles cannabis community as we unite to clean up Venice Beach On December 3, 2017 our community will unite in Venice Beach, California to show our City, State, and Country that the cannabis industry will make a positive impact on our society – both socially and economy.  The beach clean up serves as a way for the cannabis community to not o...Read More

Thank You, Cannabis Community

As we reflect on 2017 and ending a year that has been very hard politically, socially, and environmentally, it is vital that we remember and give gratitude to what has been working. I am thankful for all of the cannabis entrepreneurs, innovators, and great people I have met this year. From new friends in Israel, Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Belize, and Spain to building a stronger community in L...Read More

The biggest secret in California Cannabis – Is your business ready?

The state of California will begin issuing temporary cannabis licenses in December, with a very small transition period to permanent licensing. The costs of non-compliance with the new requirements is extreme -$30,000 for not having your books and records in place, labor fines for not classifying your employees correctly, and more intense rules on packaging, labeling, and testing. I am hosting a c...Read More

Cannabis Intellectual Property, are you protected?

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, we talk about the importance of protecting your intellectual property with Luke Zimmerman. Luke is my cannabis mentor and a co-speaker at the Euro American Cannabis Conference in November 2017. Luke Zimmerman, Esq. LL.M is the founder and principal of The Law Office of Luke S. Zimmerman APC. Luke assists entrepreneurs in the emerging cannabis industry an...Read More

California Cannabis Emergency Draft Rules Released – Temporary Licenses

The long waited California Cannabis regulations were released on November 16, 2017. I spent most of my Friday reading the set of the 3 draft rules, not a ton of crazy deviation in my opinion from what operators need to be prepared for in terms of inventory management, compliance, and working in a regulated market. Here are a few things that those looking to apply for a temporary cannabis license ....Read More

Take action to help the California Cannabis Industry

We’ve got less than 85 days until January 1, 2018, and a lot of devastation is happening in California right now with the Santa Rosa wildfires. According to county surveys, the number of cannabis gardens in Sonoma County might be anywhere from 3,000 to 9,000. According to the Mercury News, PG&E power lines are linked to the wine county fires, and the fires started due to PG&E poles f...Read More

California Cannabis Licensing Update

California Cannabis Licensing is less than 100 Days away! Let the countdown begin. And if you’re confused about what is happening… you are NOT ALONE! Getting ready for compliance and regulation is TOUGH – especially if you don’t know where to start.  For those of you that missed the past couple of years in California, here’s a quick recap: Q4 2015- Governor Brown Pass...Read More

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